Sunday, April 6, 2008


My friend Amber is overdue. She seems to be managing as best she can, from what I can tell, but she must be SO tired of being pregnant. Sure, sure, all that due date stuff is just hooey anyway, but we pregnant ladies do find ourselves susceptible to certain expectations despite this. We sign on for a certain length of time and when that time comes and goes and no baby is in evidence, I imagine it leads to frustration, disappointment, and resentment.

I can't help being reminded of that scene from Terms of Endearment of Shirley MacLaine going ballistic on the nurses when they're a few minutes late coming to give her daughter, the terminal cancer patient, her pain shot. Because all she had to do was hang on and get through until 10:00, and it's 10:00, and she made it, so give her the shot RIGHT NOW!! And all Amber (or I) had to do was suck it up and get through to 40 weeks, and it's now 41 weeks, and why should she have to tolerate this, GET THAT BABY OUT, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME??

Where is Shirley MacLaine when you need her?


Amberism said...

I think the MOST frustrating is that my help has been here for 11 days and she's been awesome, cooking for me and catering to me and being the most superb Mommy ever... she kinda signed up to help with the real baby, not the grown adult acting like a baby :).

This post totally made my night, though! Thank you for the sympathy!

adequatemom said...

Glad you enjoyed the post Amber!

I know what you mean about your help, too - I have one doula available from Apr 28 - May 2 and another available from May 2 - May 11, and if baby hasn't made her appearance by then, I'll be on my own. And probably joining you in "acting like a baby"!

Hang in there!


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