Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting Ready

I have faxed my pre-admission form to Hospital Admitting.

I am now seeing my midwife once a week for checking-in and monitoring. My blood pressure is up a smidge, but isn't anything to worry about unless it continues to rise or protein shows up in my urine.

The baby's hospital bag is packed. The parents' bags are not so much packed, but there has been some progress made (which is to say there's a suitcase with about half-a-dozen items and a big list sitting by my bedroom door).

I bought a baby book.

I have also bought thank-you cards, the better to keep up with the influx of gifts which seems to be starting.

Speaking of gifts, so help me, dear friends, I registered at Babies R Us (I was *asked* to, it was not my idea, but hot damn it was fun).

I have only a few more weeks of work (and oh, I am SO ready for that to be over, because hauling this giant body around is just getting less and less rewarding) (Also? It's really hard to find clothes that fit and that are even vaguely suitable for public viewing).

I finished my final read of "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth". I have been addicted to that book, but I promise I'm going to stop reading it now. (I may still whip it out at opportune moments to quote statistics at you, though.)

One more pre-natal class to go (Breastfeeding) and then The Authorities will consider us as knowledgeable as They can possibly make us.

My body is doing weird things. Things I don't entirely want to share with you. But I will tell you that there is no non-pregnancy-related reason for them, and yet they are not things that have happened at any prior point in my pregnancy. My only theory is that my body is starting to get ready for labour, though this could be entirely wishful thinking.

The experty websites are right. It does feel like there's a watermelon between my legs.

Things are ticking along.

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