Thursday, April 10, 2008

Non-Stress Test = Actually Not Stressful

Back home again after seeing an OB. Thanks everyone for your well wishes, they are greatly appreciated! We got good news all round - bloodwork and urine are fine, blood pressure was actually lower at the hospital than it was at home, and for now the plan is just to do modified bed rest (a few hours with my feet up in the morning, same thing again in the afternoon) and monitor my bp every few days. If it continues at the current level I'll be fine for labour to start on its own, anytime Baby B gets good and ready.

Thanks again for all the hugs and positive thoughts. It has been a tense couple of days but in the end all the news we've gotten has been good. It *is* a bit of a joy to finally be off work, and it's also awesome (as many pointed out) that this is happening late enough in the pregnancy that (a) I won't be going nuts from several months' worth of bed rest and (b) Baby B is, for all intents and purposes, ready to be born, so there would be no major repercussions to her from things happening just a little early if need be.


Amberism said...

Wonderful, wonderful news. I am so happy! Take it easy, and DO follow orders, even if it is modified bed rest. Everything else can just wait! heh.

adequatemom said...

Thanks Amber! We are quite relieved as well. You're right, I'm just going to rest and relax and wait to see what Baby B will do!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! I am much relieved for you, that sounds like a pretty good outcome all around. Keep up the good rest! Sorry you had to go through an abruptly stressful few days.



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