Monday, April 28, 2008

How to really enjoy and appreciate Day 4 of Motherhood

Get the Norwalk virus on Day 3.

Day 4 will be a BREEZE in comparison...

In all seriousness, things are starting to come together - my milk has come in, the virus seems to have run its course (and not to have affected anyone else in the house, KNOCK ON WOOD), and my daughter gets more beautiful every day. It's amazing how I know with every fibre of my being that statements like that are entirely hormonally-driven, yet they are also TOTALLY TRUE.

We have been getting emails, facebook comments, and so on from friends and family far and wide ... we never get tired of hearing or reading the words "Congratulations, she is gorgeous, we are so proud of you!" I wish I could respond to everyone individually, but for now just know that we are grateful for your well-wishes and feel very loved.

Gwen has now met both sets of grandparents, and they are all completely in love with her. Both sets were kind enough to understand that a short visit was in order. This was especially gracious of my folks, who came all the way from Powell River to Nanaimo to spend less than an hour with their granddaughter (and their noro-contaminated daughter - don't worry, I wouldn't let them hug me).

My milk has come in and Gwen and I are working on figuring out the breastfeeding thing. It's coming along slowly but surely. Last night I got some good solid rest so I am feeling quite human today and optimistic about continuing to become more independent. Which is good because Chris wants to get back to work on Friday... fortunately I will still have help in the form of doulas and my mom for the following couple weeks.

Sorry for the disjointed nature of this post, but that's how my brain works these days! Now off to give a little someone her lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Are you alright? Thank God she's ok. And beautiful too! I agree. She's sooooo cute.
(Sorry this is late... I just got back from Argentina) :)


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