Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taking the liberty of....

I'm taking the liberty of posting on behalf of my sister here.....I know Chris mentioned in the last post that he would try to update but seeing as how I've got the latest info, I may as well do it!
Laura's contractions are currently 3 minutes apart, both doulas are at the house with Laura & Chris and they're all helping her work through the pain.
I won't know more until Baby Buechler makes her appearance as Chris said he won't be updating until then, but I'll post info here as soon as I get it.

That's all for now,

Sara (soon-to-be-Auntie)

1 comment:

Amberism said...

oh, and its so wonderful that your doulas are there, too.

Thinking of you and impatiently waiting for more updates!


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