Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear Gwen: Month Sixty-Two

Dear Gwen,
It’s been a super busy month, so full of milestones.  So many things are beginning and ending at this time of year.  This week marks the end of your time at Tender Beginnings daycare/preschool.  You’ve been a part of the Tender Beginnings family since you were twelve months old; first in a home-based daycare run by your beloved ‘Nise (Denise), then attending the preschool run by Sharon, Denise’s mom, for the past two years.  So this summer marks the first time in your life that you will not be taken care of either by your own family, or the Larkins family.  What a milestone!

We’ve also already said goodbye to piano lessons.  We’ve been so pleased with the Music for Young Children program, and your year-end recital went really well.  We always get lots of comments on your confidence and stage presence; though some of the kids your age are very shy and hesitant to perform the requisite introduction of themselves and their piano piece into the provided microphone, you are always quite bold and happily announce, “My name is Gwen, and I’m going to play ‘Busy Fingers’.”  We were really excited about continuing lessons again in the fall, but your teacher announced just a week before the recital that she would not be continuing with your level of classes.  We scrambled around for a while and think we have found you a new teacher with the same program (MYC).  While it’s not ideal for you to be having so many transitions and new things at the same time this fall – new school, new grade, new schedule, new music teacher – we’ll just have to deal with it!

After the piano recital, we got to go bowling for the first time.  It was your first bowling experience and my first experience with the automatic scorekeeping system.  We are both completely enamoured!  We signed up for the “Kids Bowl Free” summer program, so hopefully we will go do some more bowling in the coming months.  It’s cheaper than Jumpin’ Jiminy’s and way more fun!

We also wrapped up our Kingdom Kids club for the year with a barbecue on the beach.  The preschool year also celebrated the arrival of summer with a giant family potluck at Bowen Park.  So many good-byes!  There has also been an important hello: we all went to your kindergarten orientation a couple of weeks ago, meeting the principal and several teachers.  Your dad and I are really happy with the school, the people, and the atmosphere there.  I think it will be a really good fit for you.  We have to wait for the first week of school to have teacher interviews and determine what class you’ll be in; in the meantime, they gave us a few things to practice with you, like the addition of lowercase letters to your reading repertoire.  You picked up on it right away.

An exciting and important event in the past month was that you got to be the flower girl at our friends’ wedding.  You have known Tricia and Nolan all your life, and in fact Tricia and I were pregnant at the same time, with your friend Reilley being born just a few weeks after you.  It was wonderful to see you, Reilley, and Erik fulfill your duties as flower girl and ringbearers – you were all incredibly adorable (and very well-behaved)!  Your dad and I were really proud of you.

Well, I think that’s it for this month, Gwen.  You continue to be a hilarious and engaging child with a lot of passion and joy.  We are so glad to be your parents.


PS: Extra pictures this month to make up for a short newsletter!


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