Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Norovirus update

It hit me for about 12 hours, so by 1pm on Sunday I was over the worst of it. Monday was a good day - Gwen spent lots of time sleeping and we all (Chris, Sally, Gwen, and I) ventured downstairs to eat dinner at the table like civilized people. We even played some Singstar. Last night, Gwen was up pretty much every hour to eat and fuss and poop. Chris and I finally got settled in to sleep at about 7am.

Just now, Chris woke up and bolted to the bathroom. Noro has found him and Sally too. Apparently neither of them are feeling hit quite as badly as I was, and with luck it won't last long. But the next 24 hours (at least) are going to be really hard.

At least breastfeeding is starting to go better...


Anonymous said...

Holy... um... crap?

Best wishes to the remaining norovirus victims, and hopefully things are going to smooth out quickly.

Did you pick it up while you were at the hospital? Or some other random source?


Kat said...

Oh dear lord Laura. I just called you to remind you guys to drink lots of fluids with salt like clear soup and gatorade or pedialyte.

Hopefully this will be a funny story someday.

I am sending lots of hugs to every one of you (even Sally!!)

Amberism said...

man, that totally sucks. A couple of days from now it'll feel like heaven in comparison which is a silver lining, I guess. Damn norovirus. Think you got it from the hospital?!

I'm glad that breastfeeding is getting better! It really does get easier as time goes on, even though I complain. Non-stop :).

Keep us updated as you can!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Honey, I wish I could make it better. I'm still virus free, and thankful. Thinking of you and wee Gwen though.


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