Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dear Gwen: Month One Hundred and Six

Dear Gwen,
Today you are a hundred and six months old. 

 This past month has been characterized by a few very specific events. First of all, it snowed. A lot. And then again. And then some more. SO much snow. We spent a lot of time inside, watching movies, playing board games, and doing puzzles. Because snow SUCKS.

Except one day, for about five minutes, when you were suddenly excited about the snow and wanted me to take your picture. So I did.

Grannie and Grandpa came to town one weekend, and we three girls went to see Oliver! at the Port Theatre. It was terrific!! 

After the show, you went right up to the actress who played Nancy. As Grannie and I caught up to you, we heard her saying, "Thank you!" to you. You posed for a photo with her, and later Grannie asked you what you'd said. "Did you tell her you liked the show? Or that she was a wonderful singer? Or that she lit up the stage?" (All true.) "No. I told her I liked her necklace." 

There was a lot of cuddling. Your hug tank could always stand to be filled. Except for that one night when you were invited to a sleepover-optional birthday party, and I stood strong on my No Sleepovers policy and told both you and the hosting mom that I would pick you up at 9:30. When I arrived, you lost your mind with anger and disappointment. All that nasty two-year-old tantrumming that you would have done the next day due to lack of sleep, you did it all at someone else's house instead. This was not awesome.

Most days, though, you wake up happy (and silly) and we start our day with a snuggle in the big bed. 

I guess we're going to have to come up with a different name for Mom and Dad's bed, as you will soon have a double bed of your own. We sold your bunk bed in anticipation of getting you a new bedroom suite for your upcoming birthday. 

Oh, and the same day, our long-awaited new family member arrived.

The two of you became fast friends. 

You and Pixel make an awesome pair, and adore each other whole-heartedly.

You've been known to serenade him with improvised songs that generally focus on how he is, in fact, a good dog, and also a cute dog.


 Pixel's arrival has nudged you another step towards independence, which is really cool. This month you have been dressing yourself in your own room, making your own breakfast and getting your morning pill (which, because I keep your pills in a daily pill container, prompts you to reflect on what day of the week it is), and sometimes even drawing your own bath and washing your own hair. We are so proud of you!



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