Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Checking In / Thank-you cards

For the past week or so, I've been wondering when I would reach the point where I have to blog every day in order that my small but eager audience would not assume I'm off birthin'. I've now been told that the time has come as apparently there was some obsessive blog-checking over the weekend. It will be a challenge as I have practically non-stop company between now and D-Day, but I'll do my best and I'll even try to make it interesting.

So, today's post - Thank-you card etiquette.

About a month ago, a sweet lady at church slipped me a small package which turned out to be a hand-knit baby sweater. Aww! Shortly thereafter, I picked up some thank-you cards because I read the signs and knew the gifts were going to start coming in. But I decided not to do a thank-you card for this lady right away, because I thought it would be more cool to wait until after Baby B arrives, dress her in the sweater, snap a picture, and then include that with the thank-you card.

Last week, I went to dinner with a former work colleague, Marlene, with whom I have a pretty good friendship despite the fact that she and I differ in age by about 30 years. She gave me a lovely night-light for the baby's room. I thanked her profusely at the time,and I found that when I arrived home I didn't feel the urge to write her a thank-you card.

My question is, Why? Or more specifically, what is the etiquette?

Maybe I am feeling that Sweet Church Lady deserves a thank-you card because I don't know her very well, and so am more likely to react formally to the situation. To back this theory up, both grandmothers have bought and made things for Baby B in the past few months and I don't feel obligated to send them thank-you cards. So perhaps thank-you card etiquette, at least my interpretation of it, is influenced by what kind of relationship you have with the gift-giver?

All I know is, some gift-giving situations really seem to be requiring of thank-you cards, and others don't. But I can't even define the rule that makes me feel that way. Any suggestions, eager readers?


Amberism said...

I'm huge into the Thank You cards, and kinda expect them for anything I've made by hand (moreso than other gifts for some reason) and know that my Grandma's generation expects a card fairly quickly on receiving a gift (or so I've been told by my Grandma, and her friends. I delayed a week with my Grandma's neighbour because you know, my kid was a whole 5 days old and it got back to me that she was very impatiently waiting for said card).

So... I wouldn't wait TOO long but I know I would love to see a picture of the babe, too, so its a hard call...

Anonymous said...

Fire 'em off as they come up - while you have time - send pics later...


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