Monday, April 21, 2008

Good News from Dr. Lurch

Dr. Lurch is getting friendlier each time I see him. This time, he even made small talk about the weather!

Anyway, he is thrilled with my blood pressure (which hasn't been over 90 in a week), my urine (which is "clear as a bell"), the baby's heartrate (153), the position of the baby (head-down, such a good girl), and my fundal measurement (38). All this means is that though my bp is/has been borderline, I have developed no other symptoms, and my bp itself is not high enough to be a danger to myself or the baby. YAY!

So, the word is to keep on keepin' on. He wants me to keep coming to see him once a week, and doing two nonstress tests at the hospital per week. The reason for this is that even though nothing has developed as of yet, it can develop really quickly and it's just a good idea to stay right on top of it, monitoring as closely as possible so that we can react quickly if anything changes.

I also wanted to ask him if my current condition affects how long he would let me go past my due date. He told me that if everything stays exactly the same, he would let me go to 41 weeks or maybe even a little past. If other symptoms develop, of course, all bets are off. But I'm glad to hear that he doesn't want to induce early based on what we're seeing now.

All good news!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! So glad to hear it.



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