Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 6 - improving!

Hi everyone, it looks like things are on the upswing here. Chris is up and about and helping out again, which is very appreciated - and Gwen is gaining weight really well so we got the okay to stop feeding every 2 hours, and just feed her when she indicates she's hungry. That meant that last night she slept for 4 hours, was up for about 2 for feedings and changing, and then slept for another 4. That was awesome!

The silver lining to me being utterly without help yesterday was that I got to spend a full day being a mom. I wasn't sure if I could do it, but guess what - I did it. Sure, the dishes didn't get done (or even loaded into the dishwasher, truth be told), but I managed to take care of both Gwen and myself alone, which was a real confidence booster. Still, it's great that Chris is starting to feel like himself again so he can pick up some slack in non-baby-related areas, as well as cuddling with Gwen.

Chris scrubbed down the bathrooms today so we are all feeling a little more human and a little less like we're living in a germ-infested war zone. I was very grateful for that!

Gwen is doing really well, we spent some time outside today to help her get her days and nights straightened out. We walked around the block a few times which did both of us good.

Thanks for all the good thoughts you've been sending our way!


Amberism said...

Isn't having the bathroom cleaned amazing? For some reason, with both my kids, I felt like it was some sort of fresh start to have a clean bathroom.

I even told my Mom that I was trying to find a way to give a new Mom a maid for a day to clean her bathroom because it just feels so nice to finally have the bathroom cleaned after a week - we thought it was too personal though. What do you think?

I'm so glad its going well! Are we suppose to feed every two hours initially? No one told me that... hmpth.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Chris and myself (Sally) I have been told to comment that I loaded the dishwasher this morning and he emptied it this afternoon. Despite our exploding arses! So there!


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