Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Good thing she's too young to feel bad about her weight

Average weight of baby at 36 weeks according to babycenter.com: 5.78 pounds.
Average weight of baby at 40 weeks according to babycenter.com: 7.63 pounds.
Weight of our actual baby according to today's ultrasound: 7.70 pounds.

4 weeks to go. Lord help me ...


Vanessa said...

OMG. That's more than a lot of babies way at birth! Well I guess that explains the size of your belly. I will send you lots of fond and well-wishing thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Well you do have a large baby then, don't you?!

Stop being so healthy! Get anemic or something. ;)


adequatemom said...

I can't get anemic now, I've got to keep my strength up to deliver this GIGANTIC child. Pass the Cheezies, would ya?

Amberism said...

I'm guessing that she'll be early :).

I'm soooo glad that she's just a big baby! Such a relief!!

Kat said...

Holy cow. I hope you don't have any newborn sized clothes already because she won't be needing them!!!

Im very happy that you just have a big girl and not anything untoward.
What a relief!!

sarapants said...

You can do it!!!! You don't know how much weight she'll gain between now and birth...for that matter, you don't know when she'll be born, could be early. But regardless: you can do it! Gigantic or not, that sucker will come out of you and you CAN DO IT!!!!

Love from your sister, survivor of the 9.5lb baby!

adequatemom said...

Thanks Sarapants for the awesome positive thoughts! From my Googling I have learned that if she continues growing at an average rate, she'll still be under 9 pounds at birth, so that's doable. And yeah, she could be early. And ALSO, ultrasound measurements are not 100% accurate anyway!


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