Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Hospital Bag

Here I am, at just past 37 weeks, having received the brilliant advice that I should have all preparations complete before 36 weeks just in case I get put on bed rest, having had the word "induction" mentioned at least once by my caregivers and scaring the hell out of me, having both Chris and I agreeing for about a month that we suspect Baby B is going to be early, and you know what? My hospital bag is still not packed.

Take heed, all of you who still think of me as a terribly anal-retentive, Type-A person.

Now, to be fair, I have printed out and pored over several Hospital Bag Packing Lists, starting with Emily's, and I've gotten out a suitcase and set it near the bedroom door with the printed list sitting on top. So, I'm kind of prepared. Prepared-ish. Prepared-esque.

Prepared to, at any moment, become actually prepared.

The thing is, The List requires a lot of items that - while they make perfect sense to include - are currently in use. Yes, when I shower after birth I'd prefer to have all my own toiletries, toothbrush, hairbrush, and so on. But I kind of need them between now and then, too. I can't really stick them all in a suitcase and just pray that labour starts before I become ridiculously ungroomed. Same goes for things like my slippers and battery-operated massager. In fact, the only items that have actually gotten into the suitcase so far are my talisman items.

If I get to go into labour naturally, I'm sure I'll have time in the early stages to get the bag packed (and at least one of my doulas has offered her assistance and guidance in the completion of this task, should labour begin while she's here). And if induction rears its ugly head again - well, surely they would give me an hour to get packed before rushing me off to the hospital, right? (Right?)

I guess Emily and Linda might advise me otherwise. (Side note: when midwife Jenn took my BP last week and started talking induction, these two ladies and specifically the stories in these posts leapt immediately to mind - part of the reason I freaked out so much.) But in the meantime, I'm satisfying my Type-A tendencies with the fact that Baby B's bag is completely packed and ready to go; the carseat is installed; and the nursery is ready for her arrival. So even if I don't have the comfort tools I'd like to have with me during labour, Baby B will have everything she needs. Priorities.


sarapants said...

Pack. Your. Bag. Like, now. I mean, surely you can throw in some extra socks and pajamas, right? And you probably have extra bottles of shampoo in your cupboard, not just the ones in the shower? Maybe a spare toothbrush kicking around? Pack whatever you can, even if the toothpaste isn't your usual brand, or those aren't your favorite slippers. Then, in Worst Case Scenario at least you'll have something!
But, it won't come to Worst Case Scenario......

Amberism said...

I just bought travel size stuff and new yogs pants for the trip home so the bag was packed.

and didn't even touch anything I had prepped for. Not even all the carefully organized and sorted towels for my pool birth at home! ah... the best laid plans :)

Anonymous said...

The hospital is two blocks away! Surely if there's something you need, one of us can fetch it for you.



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