Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Horoscope, April 23rd

"You may not be able to relax, for you are over-stimulated with unnecessary distractions. You struggle to stay on course, for everything you do opens doors to unexplored rooms overflowing with potential. Stay focused; the biggest opportunity may arise from doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing right now."

BP was up a titch at yesterday's nonstress test (diastolic of 98). This morning it was 93. Lillian came at 1pm and took it again - 125/80.

For those of you who are NOT Kat or Rhea or otherwise obsessive about BP, this means it's pretty much doing the same thing it has been doing - hovering around the borderline, making me and Chris feel like we're living on tenterhooks. I don't even know what a tenterhook is, mind you, but I feel like I am living on them. Lame!

Anyway, Lillian also did a stretch-and-sweep, and if you don't want to know what that is then DON'T click the link. Though this is listed as a "natural induction" technique, I'm just hoping the procedure will stimulate activity that will make it easier to handle an actual induction should one need to take place. If labour starts soon too, hey, that would be great.

For the pregnancy junkies, my cervix was a fingertip dilated, soft and mushy, and posterior but not WAY posterior (yes, that is a direct quote). Anyone want to make any predictions?


yagowe said...

Apparently, they are the hooks one finds on a tenter.

Amberism said...

Hey, a sweep when I'm dilated put me into labour the same day, twice :).

Maybe you'll be meeting this little gal tomorrow! hee!

OHmommy said...

12 days to go.... OMG!!!!


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