Monday, March 30, 2009

Help Me Kill Time

I had planned to do a bunch of bulk cooking for Gwen tomorrow as Gramma time was supposed to be a full day at Gramma's. Now plans have changed and instead, it's a half-day at our house. So I need to spend 3-4 hours tomorrow afternoon out of the house. And I have no money (seriously, NONE) so I can't go shopping. I already booked myself a massage (shut up, my benefits pay for most of it) and I'm at a loss as to how to kill 2-3 more hours.

If I can't think of anything I'll just take my laptop to a cafe and dick around online all afternoon. But there must be something better to do with my time.

Suggestions ... please?


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Crosswords would be my first choice, or a big run or hike. All free!!I'm kinda jealous of your half day, although I know how sucky it felt to be so broke towards the end of mat leave. Have fun whatever you do!!

Rachael said...

If it were me, I'd have a bath. A long, long bath and read in the tub.

Possibly a 2-3 hour bath. I love baths.

Amberism said...

Take a book, or craft of choice, go to the beach, and depending on the weather either get out and sit, or stay in the car, and read.

Glorious, beautiful, time to read with the added bonus of going to the beach.

At any rate, I think the day is done, so what did you do?!


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