Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So, see ya in a week or so

It took me all damn day yesterday to get packed for my weeklong trip with Gwen.

I was lucky, too: yesterday being Gramma day, Karen was here to look after Gwen and keep her fed and entertained while I scurried around the house packing. She even folded our laundry and ran the dishwasher! It was such a huge help.

Despite the fact that Gwen is no longer a newborn - and that I am determined, every time, to pack light - the car is stuffed with Gwen-related items. The playpen and the booster seat. Toys and blankets. Bottles and formula and jars of food. Diapers and wipes. (Seven days of travelling equals a LOT of diapers, yo.)

I am both excited and nervous about this trip. Excited to see my family, especially my cousin and her (relatively) new baby, who in the typical timewarp fashion of the younger generation, has the audacity to be turning five months old in a few days. Excited about seeing friends. Nervous about how Gwen will behave when taken out of her routines. Up till now she's been a pretty good traveller, but you just never know how the upheaval is going to affect them. Oh yeah, and Daylight Savings Time starts on Saturday, and that's nothing to do with our trip, but it can also be a cause of upheaval and child-related difficulties. And I get to manage it all without Daddy!

Ah well. It's going to be an adventure, that's for sure. This trip is our last hurrah for quite a while: when we get back, we'll be focussing on getting Gwen ready for daycare, transitioning her to longer and longer times without Mom. Spending a whole week with her before that seems like a good idea.

The entries of our Miraculous Giveaway contest will be posted while I'm away, to keep you company, and you can look forward to a few lazy-ass photo posts of our trip when I get back. Cheers!

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