Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Killed Me Some Time

I spent nearly four hours away from Gwen today, which is notable not because of the length of time but because I had nothing much to fill it with. I couldn't spend money as I had none, and I couldn't take Rachael's brilliant suggestion and take a bath because ... maybe it's just me ... but I don't feel completely loungey if someone else is in my house taking care of my kid? Silly, I know. But if Gramma's there looking after Gwen I feel like I should vamoose, so I did.

I spent one hour getting a massage.
I spent half an hour driving back to 'my' end of town, gassing up my car, and making a bank deposit.
I spent half an hour checking out three different dollar stores for a particular item. (I never found it, but I found something else that will work.)
Then I spent nearly two hours in my car doing embroidery. Amber, I didn't get your brilliant advice until this evening - obviously - but we were thinking alike! It was far too windy to sit outside, but the car was comfy and I got to listen to the radio and watch the world go by as I stitched. No way could I have been that 'idle' in front of my mother-in-law; I would have felt like I should be mopping the floors or scrubbing the toilets or something. So, it was perfect.

Also, Gwen was not fevery or whiney or clingy today. I could tell from her first squawk of the morning that she was back to her crazy busy self. It was so nice to have her back!

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