Monday, March 30, 2009

First Fever

Gwen is not herself today. She has a low-grade fever (38c) which isn't much, really, but she's undergone an entire personality change and it's just so sad to see. She's already taken a 30-minute nap on my chest this morning. She did the same thing yesterday too, but before that she hadn't slept on me in more than six months. I can't put her down at all without the droning whining I-want-my-mommy cries. After her power nap I fixed us both breakfast, but she had no interest in it, even the stuff she got to feed herself (which she usually adores). Most telling of all, I finally fixed her a bottle for comfort (and to stave off dehydration) and her eyes didn't even light up when she saw it.

She's down in her crib now for a nap. She whined for about 30 seconds, breaking my heart, when I put her down and she realized I wasn't going to let her sleep on my chest again. Then she promptly fell asleep. I've never seen her so clingy and so listless.

I'm not worried at this stage about getting her to a doctor, as her only medical symptom is the fever (no vomiting, diarrhea, or other physical clues) and the temp, at one degree above normal, is not too big a deal. But I sure feel sorry for my little girl: she must be miserable indeed if she's more interested in cuddling with Mom than creating havoc with her toys, and if even food doesn't much interest her.


Kim said...

Poor girly!!! Change in behaviour is actually a bigger indication of illness in this age range. Normally they say if there's a fever but they're acting themselves, no worries! Keep your eye on your little miss and her fever - if her behaviour change continues for longer than a couple days, it might be prudent to take her in.

Amberism said...

They're kinda sweet when they're sick, eh? For some reason, I have a lot of pictures of my kids sick...

We've been fighing a low-grade fever for a couple of weeks, on and off. I'm not sure if its molars or just back to back colds (because you'll think Callum's better, then the next day, nope!).

Poor babe, hopefully she feels better soon! Sending health vibes to Nanaimo!

rheadeja said...

Fever is a sign that her body is doing what it is supposed to....

hugs to gwen!!


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