Friday, March 27, 2009

Naptime Intervention Update

Phase Four - Gwen acting like a human being for the rest of the day - complete.

Phase Five, going to bed at 7pm - complete.

Final Phase, Gwen sleeping past 6:30am for the love of all that is holy - FAIL.

6:19am when I heard her melodious voice irritated fussing from down the hall. Sigh.

I guess the next step is to keep her up a bit later at night. I don't know if we'll actually go there quite yet . Given that I'm starting work in only a few weeks, and that it wouldn't be so terrible for her to be up at 6:30am on those days, we might not want to mess things around too much. On the other hand, daycare is only three days a week, and that leaves four days when we could conceivably be sleeping until at least 7am. Decisions, decisions.

In any case, I think it's time for Chris to start getting up in the mornings once in a while. It'll be his responsibility to take care of Gwen on daycare days, while I head off to work. And there's no magical reason why he should get to stay in bed till 8am while I haul my tired self up to start the day.


Jen said...

Um, ya. You stay in bed once in a while too, he can get up!

Maybe you just have an early riser on your hands?! *duck*

Kim said...

I've heard that whether you're a night owl or morning lark is actually genetic ...

(But I'm glad she was human the rest of the day!!)

Amberism said...

I'm really very jealous right now at the thought of Chris getting up and you lounging in bed! I'm considering sleeping over... maybe he'll get up with my kids, too. They sleep past 7:00... ;)


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