Thursday, March 26, 2009

Apparently I'm a writer - Adrienne says so

I've been going to WordStorm here in Nanaimo for the past few months. It's like an open mic for writers, or a poetry slam (Effulgent!). I don't write poetry, I write ... um ... this bloggy type stuff? I guess I could call it memoirs if I was feeling pretentious.

Anyway, in my enthusiasm for encouraging another woman to get up and read at the last session, she made me promise that I would read at the next session. So I need to find something to read.

It must:
- be written by me
- take less than five minutes to read aloud (or I will get gonged)

I'd really like it to be:
- interesting to people who don't necessarily know me personally
- maybe funny or thought-provoking or something?

It's sort of a humbling thought that in over six years of online journalling, I can't think of a single appropriate post. I'm really hoping this is due to modesty and poor memory on my part, not an utter failure to produce anything worthwhile. Ahem.

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