Monday, March 2, 2009


Sorry for the total lack of posts lately, guys. Here is my lame list of excuses:
1. I have recently been appointed to my church's Council and to the Call Commitee (our pastor of 11 years is leaving, and it is the Call Committee's job to find a new one). I've held these "jobs" for about a week and have already spent nearly 8 hours in meetings. Not to mention a lot of time emailing and phoning and networking, oh my.
2. Gwen and I are leaving for our week-long circle tour in TWO DAYS. So any time not spent dealing with Church stuff, has been spent packing and confirming plans with friends and relatives.
3. I don't have a third reason, but I think lists should always include at least three items. Hi! I have OCD, have we met?

In other news, the Miraculous Giveaway is now closed, and I have three fantastic stories that will be posted over the next week (while I'm away! How brilliant! Almost like I planned this, except srsly, I'm not that organized) sharing tips about important and useful baby products. I have already contacted the winner, and a Miracle Blanket will hopefully be winging its way through the mail post haste.

Also, Gwen took a few steps last night - one day later than I originally predicted! She just likes to mess with me, I guess. Her dad and I were both playing with her on the kitchen floor, and I guess she was revelling in our devoted attention so much that she didn't notice she was walking. It was way cool!

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