Friday, July 4, 2008

You want the tooth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TOOTH!

I really need an experienced parent to come over and poke at my daughter's mouth to tell me what the hell this is.

Signs pointing to tooth:
It feels hard, and didn't bleed when I poked it (so it isn't thrush).

Signs pointing to not-tooth:
Gwen has none of the signs of teething (red cheeks, drooling, chewing things, fever). With the exception of irritability and fussiness, which could be caused by any number of things. Plus, she's TEN WEEKS OLD. And wouldn't the fussiness be going away, now that the 'tooth' is through?

(PS: Yes, I know my title is groaningly dumb. But it made me smile, so whatever.)


Anonymous said...

It's a tooth, my friend. It's earlier than 'normal' but it's still a tooth. I've heard of babies being born with teeth. Others (see: daughter of tanista of Avacal) don't get teeth until they're 15 months.

Touch it with your fingernail: if it's hard, it's a tooth.


Anonymous said...

P.S. And maybe she hasn't been showing signs of teething according to the books (red cheeks, drooling etc.) but you've said yourself she's been Little Miss Cranky Pants. That's not exactly an uncommon reaction to pain!


Anonymous said...

looks like a tooth to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's a tooth! Those books and pamphlets that tell you what to expect when your baby is teething LIE.

It's true, some babies get red cheeks, some get elevated body temps, some chew voraciously on anything in sight.... but speaking from experience with a variety of children, the only thing they do consistently is act like banshees and madmen.

Also, if you are slightly unsure of whether or not it is a tooth, as I imagine you are (otherwise, sure of a tooth, you would surely say "My baby has a FREAKING TOOTH!), the pain is not going to be gone yet. It moves into place, pushing the gums until they get hard and sometimes causes blisters. Eventually, the skin between the tooth and the outside world parts, and you will see the tooth, and then it slowly decends the 5mm into chewing position.

I'm sorry... teething bites the big one.

You could try offering a chilled soother to help with the pain.

Best wishes.

Amberism said...

From what I can see via the picture, I'm guessing its a tooth, too.

yeah, the "symptoms" depend on the kid, and someone (who knows who) recently told me that a lot of doctors don't believe the "symptoms" to be true, anyway.

At any rate, Callum was a miserable beastie when he was teething, but no red cheeks or fever.

The other thing I was thinking (but doubt this now that I've seen it) is a sucking blister inside her mouth from nursing.


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