Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gwen Rolls Over: A Story in Five Parts

Stage One: Mom just propped me up on my tummy and then grabbed the camera... TOO SLOW, MOM!

Stage Two: My giant head is pulling me over to the side. Better go with it. Do you think I can blame this ridiculous facial expression on the cruelties of gravity, too?

Stage Three: Hey! Shit! I'm on my back!

Stage Four: I have no real idea how that happened, but I'm totally going to take the credit for it!

Stage Five: Mom, did you SEE what I just did there? Are you aware that this is the beginning of mobility? Do you have any idea what havoc I'm going to wreak around here? MWAHAHAHAH!

Bonus picture: I call this one, "I'm three months old and I still look really stupid in pants."


Amberism said...

yay Gwen!

Write it in the baby book!

I say this because I did not, and then couldn't remember when she rolled over except the vague idea of where we were in the month.

Most of the milestones are recorded as such in my kid's baby books (things like "beg July" or "around middle of August" :).

sarapants said...

That's hilarious. Mostly Gwen in pants is hilarious, but also your running commentary of my amazing niece's amazing ability to roll over. Way to go, baby girl!


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