Monday, July 7, 2008

Vancouver Aquarium

So yesterday, I did something CRAZY. It all started a week or so ago when my sister pointed out that she hadn't seen Gwen since May, and wasn't due to see her again until August, and that this was simply unacceptable. A premise with which I wholeheartedly agreed. So she pitched the idea of meeting in Horseshoe Bay for the day, as both of us are just a ferryride away. She'd bring my nephews, I'd bring her niece, we'd have a nice visit.

But then as plans progressed towards reality, we realized that my nephews would be bored out of their minds to just hang out in Horseshoe Bay all day. Thus, the idea of going to the Vancouver Aquarium.

Thankfully, Sara's husband Dave decided to come along, because I don't know how we would have wrangled three kids, two diaper bags, a sling and two strollers throughout the aquarium, let alone the adventure on public transit to get between there and the ferry terminal.

Although most of the time I carry Gwen in the sling, I brought the stroller on this trip for two reasons: one, because I knew my back couldn't deal with the sling for the ENTIRE day, and two, because it can hold all my STUFF. When I'm just bopping around town I have the diaper bag over one shoulder and the sling over the other, and that's just fine. But for a full-day odyssey, I wanted some support.

Sadly, Gwen insisted on being carried most of the day, so my back is very sore today PLUS I had the annoyance of fighting through crowds with the stroller without even the benefit of having a kid in it. Next time, I shall insist that Gwen hold her head up enough to be in the MEC backpack or the Snuggli or somesuch, which would allow me to carry both her and her STUFF without any stroller-rasslin'.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

There was only one choice as to what Gwen would wear to the Aquarium - her shark onesie. Sadly, this made many Philistines mistake her for a boy, despite the PINK blanket.

There is a baby beluga at the Vancouver Aquarium - born June 10th. It's pretty small. For a whale, I mean.

Here's Gwen with her Auntie Sara, Uncle Dave, and cousin Andrew. Scotty is there too, but didn't fit in the frame.

And here's Gwen on the ferry ride home. The shark onesie fell prey to a spit-up incident, but Gwen is still cheerful. She was a very good girl all day - I am blessed, she travels pretty well.

PS: Sara and Dave agree, it's NOT a tooth. Stay tuned to hear what Lillian thinks after our appointment with her tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Your daytrip sounds like a fun adventure!

Also, the shark onesie = awesome.


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