Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Some Random Stuff

The downside to having a midwife as your photographer is that you can get dramatically upstaged at the last minute. Chris and I had our pregnancy portraits done with Lillian back in April, on what turned out to be one week before Gwen's birth. We've been trying to schedule the "after" shoot with Gwen since late May, and twice we've been bumped for a birth. Tonight, our second scheduled attempt, Lillian called us from the hospital at about the same time we were showing up at her house to find her not there.

All this by way of saying, in a very long-winded way, that we *still* don't know what that thing in her mouth is, because we didn't get to check in with Lillian this evening. But I did get the results of the urine culture, which were negative. Gwen does not have a bladder infection.

So if she doesn't have a bladder infection and she doesn't have a tooth, what's with the crying jags, eh?

To be honest, she's been much better these past few days. We've been vigilant about giving her Ovol every day as suggested by Best Friend and Honourary Uncle Mike, and it seems to be working.

Also, last night when we got home from the aquarium, she slept for ten hours.

(in a row!)

Freaked me out a little, actually. It was amazing.

The other wee bit of news is that Chris and I went out on Friday night to buy Gwen a mobile, a long-overdue purchase that we've been nattering about for months. I'm glad we didn't end up doing it before she was born, actually, because now we know what she likes. My sister had passed on to us a little teddy-bear wind-up mobile, which was all well and good, but it only lasted about a minute before you had to wind it up again. Meanwhile, we've learned that Gwen is completely fascinated with the ceiling fan in our bedroom. So what we wanted to get was a mobile that didn't necessarily play music, but that was battery-operated instead of windup, so it would spin for a loooooong time.

We ended up with this. If you follow that link you'll find all kinds of blather about cognitive development and spatial reasoning, including the following quote: The captivating visuals, the constantly changing movements and spatial variations, together with the rich musical stimulation, all make this mobile the obvious choice for parents who care about their baby's development and enjoyment. (The OBVIOUS choice! Heh.) For once, I'd like to see honesty in advertising for these products, because most parents of babies don't really give two hoots about all that stuff. What would sell a mobile at any price is the phrase "Will make your baby shut up for two blessed minutes so you can gobble breakfast in peace."

In any case, the mobile is cool.

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Kat said...

You should create a line of baby products that are marketed truthfully. I think you could make some serious cash.

Also I am happy to hear about the absence of bacteria in Gwen's pee. Skin contaminants are a real problem with babies' urine samples unless taken by catheter so Im sure the previous sample was nothing at all.


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