Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stroller Lust

I have stroller lust. I never thought it would happen to me.

I keep seeing all these gorgeous all-terrain strollers (or as I call them, off-roading strollers) at the Healthy Beginnings drop-in. And although I question the reasons for putting a kid into a stroller when you're just walking from the car to the building whose parking lot you're in, at which point you're going to take them out - it is okay to just carry babies, you know - seeing all these strollers has given me the stroller lust. I've got it bad.

The other reason for my lust is that I do a fair bit of walking. Last week Tricia and I walked on the Divers Lake trail, and the week before that we went to Colliery Dam. Bumpy trails both, and my stroller barely managed to stay bolted together. The walking is only going to increase as marathon training begins, and I don't want to be limited to only paved trails - Westwood Lake was my favourite training spot last time, and I'd like to have the option to do it again, though I think I'll skip the hills when I've got the stroller in tow.

This review at Baby Gaga lists the BOB Sport Utility Stroller as one of their top three, and from what I can see BOB does seem to be the brand to beat as far as jogging strollers go. MEC even sells this stroller (though, sadly, they are not stocked at the Victoria store).

Of course, if I buy this stroller then I'm going to have to get the sun shield and the handlebar console, too. Amounting to nearly $400 before taxes. Yikes! I'd be tempted to ask for this for my birthday or Christmas, but then again the marathon training starts long before that.

Decisions, decisions!


Anonymous said...

Just do it. Those things are pretty sweet, and having test driven a LOT of strollers, I say that having one is likely to make you WANT to get out and use it, which will pay both you and Gwen back in health and happiness beyond what you spend.


Amberism said...

All my friends have the BOB (am wondering if they may be in your Healthy Beginnings class, now, actually). They love it and do westwood lake with the stroller all the time. They definitely feel it was worth the money. Check craigslist and whatnot for a used one. I'm not sure when the next Mother's Unite is...

Personally, I actually prefer to carry. I carried Callum on all my walks (either in the bjorn or the backpack as he got older). Unfortunately I can't do that now. The double stroller I have was free, but there is NO WAY it would get around Westwood lake!


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