Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Morning Gwen

Gwen's sleep schedule is finally back on track after a challenging week of bedtime fights. And now she wakes up happy again. Hooray!


Amberism said...


(and you have to tell me how you got the bookshelf on your sidebar, I want one).

adequatemom said...

Hi Amber! I got the bookshelf through Goodreads (I bet if you click on the bookshelf it'll take you right to their site). Goodreads is a gigantic database of books, and you can pick out books and put them on your "to-read" shelf, as well as review books you've already read, and check out reviews by other people, and join online book clubs, and basically just be a big ol' dork about books. Oh, and then put a widget on your sidebar so people can see what books you've read.


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