Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Five

1. Today is not a good day so far. My veneer came off last night and I comforted myself by saying, Well, at least I'm not on holiday in some isolated place. At least it's not the weekend. At least I can call my very own beloved dentist first thing tomorrow morning and be treated not like a vanity-struck weirdo, but a sensible rational person who doesn't want to look like a pirate at her government job, and fixed up right away. From 8:15 until 9:30am I sat calling and calling and calling and calling my dental office, getting the voicemail every time, the voicemail that cheerfully informed me that they opened at 8:30am. At 9:30am I fecking well DROVE THERE to find out why they weren't answering their phones. Sign on office door confirms that they open at 8:30. Locked door and a darkened office would seem to say otherwise. WHAT. THE. HELL.

2. On a more positive note, yesterday I got approval from my manager to have my time and tuition paid to take some computer-based Access 2007 training. I am excited about this, because I am a big dork.

3. I've been on an Isagenix cleanse for the past week. I have today and the weekend and then back to 'normal' eating on Monday. It's kind of amusing and wholly appropriate that I happened to be on a liquid diet when my tooth fell out. Also, looking at my horribly ugly mouth kind of kills my appetite anyway.

4. I'm not really capable of thinking or writing about anything other than my tooth problem at the moment, with a side of how annoyed I am that my dentist office apparently took the day off without changing their voicemail or their posted hours on the door. I'm really flummoxed by that. Did I tell you how I broke the tooth this time? By chewing on my nails. Chris had words to share with me about that. I have already clipped all my nails down to nothing this morning. Which also means that if anything gets itchy, I have to be all zen about it and not care, because I sure as heck can't scratch it.

5. It's nearly the weekend. It kind of feels like it already is, since Chris is off and home with Gwen today, and I am home waiting for my 12:30 dentist appointment (which I achieved by calling every dentist I could find and throwing myself on their mercy. It sounds dramatic, but I actually got a "yes" at the third place I called). This weekend, I will be weeding. Weeding is fun - the first time you do it. Really, I'll just be happy to be outside and not be rained on. Especially if I have all my teeth in place while doing so.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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