Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Little Rockstar

The Intarnets Police contacted me and told me that if I went one more day without posting, I would have to change my online name from wordygirl to "Quiet McNeverPosts". So here I am.

Here is a video of Gwen playing with the "Li'l Rockstar Stacker" that her Gramma Karen and Grandpa Keith bought her for Christmas. This is the toy I mentioned in her last newsletter as being something that scared her for a long, long time but she is now just enjoying it.

The video is long, but I didn't want to cut it because I think it shows a lot of brilliant little behaviours on Gwen's part. I don't know if the brilliance is visible to a neutral third party, but anyway, here it is - you be the judge. (Only, you know, not too judgy.)


Kim said...

I love the clapping after she puts a ring on :)

Anonymous said...

I like how she's trained daddy to pick up the stuff she drops :)

Amberism said...

hee! I just adore how much they are capable of concentrating on soemthing.

If only I could harness that in my own life!

Jen said...

Nicely done Gwen! She should come over and teach Anderson that you can do something else with toys other than smash them.


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