Friday, May 29, 2009

Rhymes with SHUSH

Gwen has had a nasty bum rash for about three weeks. We have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. Let me sum this up for you:

Me, May 6: It can't be thrush.
Me, May 9: It's not thrush.
Me, May 15: No, it's not thrush.
Me, May 20: It's definitely not thrush.
Me: May 24: At least it's not thrush.
Me, May 28: It looks nothing at all like thrush.
Dr, May 29: It's thrush.



Kat said...

Oh noes! I sincerely hope your thrush-battling skills help you get it resolved soon.

Kim said...

Yogurt! Try plain yogurt :)

Amberism said...

ack! Poor little Gwen!

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Yuck! Been there...just remember, this too shall pass. With EFFORT from you:)


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