Thursday, June 25, 2009


I know I spend a lot of time focused on the past, especially as it concerns my daughter. For some reason it just struck me suddenly a few days ago that in the first few weeks of her life, not only did all her clothing fit in this puny little chest of drawers ...

... but when the midwife came over to weigh her, this chest served as a level surface on which to put the scale. Think about it: The baby scale was small enough to fit on the top, and the baby was small enough to fit in that scale. With, actually, a lot of room to spare, because she was a skinny little thing once the Norovirus got through with us. (I should have taken some pictures of those weekly (sometimes daily) weigh-ins – they were such a huge and stressful part of our lives, back then.)

And now my child is HUGE. Sometimes I think she eats so enthusiastically because she spent the first six months of her life starving, and is trying to make up for lost time.

Anyway, that line of thought somehow led me into thinking about the future. It dawned on me that someday – not any time soon, I know I have a couple of years to go before this happens – she won’t be in diapers anymore. WHOA. Do you know how much space in her room is devoted to diapers, diapering accessories, and diaper-changing space? A LOT. Two full drawers are full of diapers (she has nine drawers in total) and the entire top of the beautiful dresser below is devoted to changing her bum. We already have a potty for her – not that she shows any interest in using it, but I’d read that it’s a good idea to have one around in advance, so she gets used to seeing it – and do you know how much space it takes up? NOT VERY MUCH.

Just the thought of freeing up that much space has me kind of giddy with goofy joy. That, combined with the idea of Gwen spending the night with her grandparents every once in a while, may just make me delirious.

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