Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It Turns Out This Post is Mostly About Food - Perhaps It's Lunchtime

I feel like I should start every post with a disclaimer about how hard it is to find blogging time when you work full-time. In actuality, it's also hard to find stuff to talk about, since I don't spend as much time with Gwen as I used to. I guess I have gotten my wish to have my life expand beyond motherhood, but given that this blog is dedicated to that topic, it's not surprising that it's a little neglected of late.

Anyway, here's what's new in Gwenworld.

Gwen now makes oinky pig noises. It's adorable. She also likes to 'sniff' the flowers: if they're in a book, she'll put her face right up to them, but with real flowers she won't get closer than a foot or so. Also, she has some new words: 'ut' for hot, and 'boo' for book.

In less happy news, the bum rash she's had on and off for way too freakin' long wasn't resolved by the doctor's diagnosis and treatment for thrush, so Chris took her to the clinic again last week for a second opinion. This doctor diagnosed thrush with a secondary staph infection around an area that she had scratched so vigourously as to draw blood. We are now treating her very aggressively with anti-fungal cream and antibiotic cream, and then feeding her yogurt every day so she can grow her good bacteria back. This treatment seems to be working, thank goodness.

Also, one of the kids at her daycare might have pinkeye. Whee!

As for me I am working on finding some more local sources for our groceries. June is a pretty good time to do that. I found out that Pipers' Meats (who sell only local, organic meat) has comparable prices to Save on Foods, so it's just a matter of changing my mindset and stopping there for meat instead. I'm also checking out the Farmers' Markets around town. There's one tonight that I've heard good things about, so I'm planning to head there after work.

As I told Amber, who is a big inspiration to me in areas of eco-friendly family practices, it's really hard for me to embrace the 'baby steps' model of just making little changes one by one. Instead, I want to fix EVERYTHING, and if I can't, I just give up and fix NOTHING. I'm trying, though. Maybe posting it here will help keep me honest.

Speaking of food, last night Gwen ate the very last portion of pre-made toddler food I'd prepared from The Baby's Table. I'm sure I could (if I had the TIME) make up some more big-batch recipes of toddler-friendly stuff, but at this point I'm more interested in creating good meals for the whole family, and exposing her to a wider variety of foods. Making two separate meals every night is losing its appeal, frankly.

ALSO speaking of food, Gwen was over at her Gramma's yesterday and Gramma (and/or Grandpa) gave her "a sliver" of ice cream sandwich. I am really upset by this. Not because I'm adamant that she not get any sugar, but because as her MOTHER and a lifelong ice cream ENTHUSIAST, one might think it was my prerogative to share the First Time Ice Cream Experience with Gwen. I am not even going to rant any more about this because if you get it, you totally get it, and if you don't, there's no point in trying to explain.

And in my desperate struggle to end this post on a happy note, I will send you over to Dooce's site, because she! had! her! baby! and that's always exciting.


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Too bad on the ice cream but you can be give Gwen her first ice cream cone. It will take her to a whole new level of ice cream love!!

And although you work full time, you certainly put me to shame with your long, well thought out posts.

Finally: poor Gwen's bum! I hope this more aggressive approach results in a lasting solution.

Kat said...

Yes Laura remember that baby steps still count on the road to change your entire way of buying food. I applaud your efforts and encourage you to continue making changes when you have the time/energy/money.

Amberism said...

claire is an old pro with the ice cream cones now - so fun! Definitely more fun than sandwiches!

When it comes to making changes I think it has to be small, doable things otherwise it is way too easy to just give up. And we also have to be ready to change, thinking about it is the biggest step. We had a environmental psychologist speak at our AGM for the group I volunteer with this past year and it was fascinating to see the steps we take when we make a change. It really is baby steps.

It's seriously hard work to create a new habit, so you deserve a pretty big pat on the back when you do make even a little change. *huge pat*


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