Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Girls

Sue, a friend whose daughter is now four months old, graciously dropped off a bag of maternity clothes for me the other day, which was very kind and quite appreciated. As I unpacked the contents of the bag, I found a few surprises. Most of the items I took out, held up against my body, and wondered aloud if I would really be big enough to fit them someday. I mean, they were huge. I'm already quite a lot larger than I like to be, and I'm sure I could still fit two of me in most of these pairs of pants. It's a disquieting thing, to be sure, to know I ain't done growin yet, not by a long - or perhaps wide - shot.

But one item in particular had me a bit flummoxed. A bra. Not usually the sort of thing one woman loans to another. On the other hand, it looked quite new, barely worn, so maybe she hadn't really used it and thought I might have better luck. Like every other item in the bag, it seemed gigantic, but next to all those other giantess clothes it was hard to really get perspective, so I searched out the tag.



Lord almighty. Is that actually within the realm of possibility, that I will become a D-cup at some point in the proceedings? I'm generally a B, and could probably even wear an A if it wouldn't kill my ego to do so. My pre-pregnancy bra still fits just fine, though the girls have definitely changed and grown, probably because it's a B when it really ought to have been an A. I already had room to grow. But my goodness. A D? Really? That could happen? I'm still in shock.

Anyone else want to weigh in on how much their boobage changed during pregnancy?

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OHmommy said...

Ummmm, yes the girls will get bigger.

I have bras ranging from 34B to 38DD. Yes a DOUBLE D. I am somewhere in the middle, 9 months after giving birth.

I had to go on a Target run about a year ago to purchase some HEAVY DUTY sports bras. And, Yes... I have already burned them. :)


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