Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Heartbeat Accomplished!

Yay! We got to hear the heartbeat - a good steady 152 bpm, and audible the instant the midwife touched doppler to belly. SO COOL. Because I am a giant geek, I asked Chris to record it and you can all hear it too if you like: just click here to download (49 KB).

We also got answers to our home-vs-hospital questions, and all the answers were satisfactory enough that I would feel okay about having a hospital birth. We are going to keep that tidbit secret from our parents until after we have the hospital tour, however, so we can pretend it was the lovely large private rooms, and not their constant nagging, that convinced us. I'm not too keen on starting my life as a mom with the grandparents so aware of their ability to nag me into submission.

But best of all, I found out I have a Pelvis Made for Birthin'. The midwife checked my pelvic bones and the spaces between them just to get an idea of whether we'd need to worry about a baby getting stuck, and she was awed by the vast amounts of space provided for easy baby egress. Finally, an aspect of pregnancy I am good at! I am absurdly proud.

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OHmommy said...

Love the belly pictures!


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