Sunday, November 11, 2007

Flickr Badge

I have basically nothing to say today, but rules of NaBloPoMo don't make allowances for me running out of things to say. I posted all my belly pics to Flickr today and figured out how to make a fancy Flickr badge to add to my blog, so that should be worth something like 8,000 words (8 belly pics x 1,000 words each?).

Chris and I just learned that good friends of his, whom I have met on a few occasions, are 14 weeks pregnant (we are 15 weeks). Pretty exciting! We are already sharing tips on prenatal yoga and prenatal workshops - will be wonderful to share this adventure with another couple.

Went to church this morning and shared the news with a few friends as well as the Pastor, who had known about our miscarriage and prayed with us about it. It was wonderful to give him good news. Another church friend, Kathy, touched my belly and then snatched her hand away and apologized. I told her I didn't mind at all, that I didn't find it rude (that may change when it's a stranger doing it!). I understand completely the magnetism that pregnant bellies have: people want to touch them, to lay their hands on and bestow their blessing, to be part of a miracle happening right in front of them. As I said, I'm sure I'll be less forgiving when a stranger does it, but this was the first time it happened, so I was just happy and full of smiles to be part of the Mommy Club.

Oh, another first the other day - I wore one of the maternity shirts my sister loaned me, specifically one with a baby-related logo that removes all doubt about whether the wearer is expecting, or just a little overweight. Sure enough, when I went out running errands I got a few comments and questions: How far along, When are you due, etc. Again, I may eventually tire of this sort of inquiry from strangers, but for now it's kind of fun to be "out" and enjoy the attention and positive wishes.

Yeah, so much for having nothing to say. Enjoy the belly pics.

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