Sunday, February 15, 2009


Gwen can now sign "more". I've been working on this sign with her for a couple of weeks, which means whenever she is eating I make sure to pause partway through the meal and say, "Do you want more, Gwen? More? Would you like more? More? Do you want some more?", making the sign each time I say the word. Then I say, "Okay, here's some more," regardless of whether she responds, so that she starts to understand what the word more means.

It seems to have worked. Yesterday she finished off a bottle after naptime and signed "more". I quickly rushed to the kitchen to make another one. Today she did the same thing for her dad when he was giving her oranges.

It's so amazing to see her starting to communicate with us. She's not even a baby anymore. I am simply in awe.

Next, I hope to teach her "all done" (for when she's finished eating) and "eat" (for when she's hungry). If we get these down, I'll never have to guess again about how much food she needs! Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for communication! Yay B. family!

Now for the unsolicited advice (feel free to place in appropriate receptacle):
Just a heads-up, the down-side to this is that Gwen will quickly catch on to her ability to project her food preferences via this new food communication which may have little-to-nothing to do with how hungry she actually is.

You can always test with different fodds to make sure that the "all done" is actually "all done" with the meal not "all done" with the specific portion or dish.

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