Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Miraculous Giveaway!

Hey you guys! Go check out the second comment on this post. Go ahead, I'll wait here.

*humming quietly to self*

Okay, are you back? Now ... isn't that awesome?

I'm guessing the love between me and the Miracle Blanket is most accurately reflected in the post "Most Useful Products: Birth to Three Months" which I wrote back in August, you know, when Gwen was four months old. But I've mentioned the Miracle Blanket lots of times. Still, I'm just tickled that my mentioning has attracted the attention of the inventor himself. Don't worry, little people, I will still remember you now that my blog has hit The Bigtime.

Obviously, the appropriate thing to do is to have a giveaway on my blog! Which millions thousands hundreds dozens pairs of people read! I can't wait!

Since I know many of you have your babies already, and most of them are past the swaddling stage, I would love for you to enter this contest on behalf of someone who's expecting. In fact, I would double-plus-love if you entered this contest on their behalf, and then showed them this blog. Imagine the power I could wield if each one of you introduced one new reader to Blogging For Two! Why, I could rule the world!

(Hmm. A brief interlude while I try to find the page on Blogger.com that states World Rulers are chosen by blog readership... I'm sure I saw it somewhere...)

So, here's the contest. I want a story about a product that helped you in your (or your partner's) pregnancy, birth, or first six months of parenting. The product can be a book, a baby-related item, or maybe just the set of noise-cancelling headphones you whipped out at 2am when you couldn't take the screaming anymore. The catch is: I don't want just a product review, I want a story. Tell me about when you bought this product, or how you came across it, or how you thought you didn't need it at first but then found yourself begging the Wal-Mart greeter to open the doors even though it was 9:01pm because your baby needed a soother, dammit. Tell me about who recommended it to you, or who advised you against it. Tell me about how it saved your life or your sanity or your marriage. Make me smile. Make me laugh. Make me weep in recognition.

Everybody wins: we all get to read some great stories and learn about useful products, someone is going to get a free Miracle Blanket, and I'm going to have effort-free blog fodder for a few days. SCORE!

(If you're nervous about me sharing your story, let me know. We can change names and identifying details so you can remain anonymous, or we can just keep the story private.)

Send your stories to lauralyzer@gmail.com. Please let me know if you are okay with having your name and/or website listed. In deference to the fact that when it comes to parenting, our time is not our own, I will leave this contest open for TEN WHOLE DAYS, meaning it will close on February 28th. I'll choose a winner and contact them to find out where they want their Miracle Blanket sent.

Now get writing! Entertain me, dammit!


Amberism said...

That is awesome!

And I'm drawing a complete blank on a must-have baby item... I don't think I used the same item the same with either rotten... except the knitted baby blankets.

and of course the carseat and whoa. BORING ;).

but I'll get back to you because oh-so-many people with babies! And a very, very awesome give-a-way Miss Laura! I look forward to reading the entries!

Amberism said...

I wonder if this means you get two? ;)


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