Sunday, February 8, 2009

Attention World: Gwen is now a Toddler.

We have totally entered the realm of Nothing Is Safe. Here she is unshelving our video collection.

And just look at how happy she is to be engaged in such an act of destruction! You can practically hear the evil cackle!

And here she is climbing into "her" cupboard. This cupboard doesn't have a door, so I long ago gave up and took everything breakable out of it, filling it instead with some Tupperware and other things she could play with.

And finally, this is the scene I came upon yesterday morning. She managed to pull the hingepin out of the door and had it (of course!) in her mouth. Note the grease all over her hands and face.

And note what she did with the grease all over her hands.
Apparently, there will be no more leaving the room for me! Her ability to get into anything and everything has simply grown TOO RIDICULOUS.


Jen said...

Ok the black marks all over the door made me giggle. Oh what trouble we have to look forward to! Just wait until she's got a crayon in her hand. I still remember my mom's reaction when I'd decided to draw a dinosaur on the wallpaper in my bedroom. Sometimes I think Anderson being a late crawler is a bit of a blessing :)

Kat said...

The greasy marks made me laugh at you and her new found manual dexterity. Mwah-hah-hah...


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