Friday, November 21, 2008

Chris saves the day yet again!

I was in my jammies and heading for bed when my husband said, "Laura, did you blog today?" Yipes! I had not! So for two days in a row, my continued participation in NaBloPoMo, as well as the blogosphere at large, is solely to his credit.

(Or, all his fault. However you want to interpret that.)

So! I will blog about Gwen's mobility.

On November 1st, Gwen somehow managed to get herself into the crawling position for about two seconds. I marked this on the calendar and then forgot about it. Mostly, so did she.

Until this past Tuesday, when we went to visit her [Honourary] Uncle Mike in Victoria. You know what Uncle Mike has that we don't have? Carpets.

You know what else Uncle Mike has that we don't have? A ten-year-old daughter named Zoe who crawled in slow motion around Gwen for minutes at a time, showing her exactly how it was done. Watching Gwen, you could practically see the wheels turning as she bored a hole in Zoe with her intense stare of concentration. Hell, as Zoe's mom Jenn pointed out, you could see the smoke pouring out of Gwen's ears as her brain worked overtime to figure this out!

I watched Gwen with increasing pride and anxiety, in about equal amounts. She started pushing up more reliably, and started lifting her knees off the ground and using her toes to push herself forward a couple of times. Everyone laughed with joy and excitement, drastically rethinking the earlier estimates that she'd be 'crawling by Christmas' and declaring that hell, she'd be crawling by next week! I laughed along, secretly freaking out inside, because OMG, once that girl starts crawling then life as I know it is over. Don't get me wrong, I am really excited about her being able to follow me from room to room so my daily chores don't become the stuff of anguished cries as I leave her sight for 0.02 of a second, but on the other hand I can picture my couch growing cobwebs as I may never get to sit down again, so busy will I be chasing her as she merrily scoots from room to room.

The very next day, Gwen had retained all the stuff she'd learned from the day before, and I could see it was taking way less mental energy to reproduce the positions and motions she'd figured out the previous day. Leaving that powerful brain free to figure out the next step. (Aiieeee!!)

Fortunately, I then took her back home to the land of laminate flooring. No traction = no mobility. And my girl stays a baby just a little bit longer.

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Amberism said...

oh, they just skoot backwards on laminate :).

Claire gets really mad, because she's working to go forwards, and then goes backwards. Then she rolls or pulls on her brother, which from the sounds of his whining I'm guessing is pretty irritating.


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