Thursday, January 3, 2008

Shopping Lust

Our house has been entirely de-Christmas-ified. I have a few more days off, then back to work on Monday.

Monday brings the start of all my other extra-curricular activities, as well. My two yoga classes start up again next week, and so does choir. That takes care of Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Tuesday, we are seeing the midwife. At the end of January, the second trimester will be over, and we will start seeing her twice a month instead of once. It feels like we are really on the downward slope of the roller coaster, and from now on things are going to go faster and faster until the birth.

Now that Christmas is behind us, I find myself filled with consumeristic frenzy. All with good purpose, of course. But prior to Christmas, I couldn't possibly go out and start shopping for the nursery, because who knew what I might get for Christmas? (Also, it seemed incredibly early to start such a task, though all the Expert Checklists say second trimester is the time to get it done.) I'm happy to report that I got very few baby-related items as Christmas presents, though my sister brought me a great many hand-me-downs that she and her boys are done with. We now have:
- Baby swing
- High chair
- Bouncy seat
- Sling
- Infant carseat
- Awesome wooden cradle made by my late grandfather
- Baby bathtub
- Three boxes of baby clothes

Plus, it turns out that she will be done with the crib-that-converts-to-a-junior-bed AND the change-table-that-converts-to-a-dresser just in time for us to have them. So the only large item we have yet to deal with is the stroller/carseat combo (leaving the other carseat for our second vehicle), which my mom said she would buy us. That means all we have to get are the fun consumable things, like diapers, clothes, wipes, a mobile, and so on.

I am stupidly excited about going shopping for this stuff and about organizing the nursery. Is that normal?

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