Monday, January 7, 2008

Pregnant Lady Yoga

Tonight I got to go to yoga for the first time in an entire month. Oh joy oh bliss!

Tonight's class was the "gentle" class, not the pre-natal class, but the instructor is always very kind and gives me specific instructions for things I should adjust/avoid due to the pregnancy.

Right away I noticed a huge difference in my abilities. I'm sure not doing yoga for a month accounts for some of that, but a bigger factor is that the body I am working with today is not the body I had four weeks ago. Even the deep yoga breathing is a challenge as there is a large obstacle preventing my diaphragm from moving as freely as it once did. Moving from one position to another is much more of an effort than it used to be, as well. In all, it felt like an entirely different workout.

Which isn't a complaint at all, just an observation. And not at all that surprising when you think about it.

On the way home from yoga, I stopped in to drop off a deposit cheque with Regan, the Birthing from Within instructor, to hold our spot in the upcoming class. She told me it was synchronicity that I'd dropped in right then, as she had just gotten a call from the woman who organizes the Welcome Wagon Baby Shower. Regan had been asked to do a little yoga-for-pregnant-women demo at the show, and had agreed to do so, but felt it might come across as condescending for a non-pregnant "skinny" woman to get up on stage and tell a bunch of pregnant-bellied women how to move their bodies. She asked if I would be willing to come along and be her guinea pig. "Do you have a visible belly yet?" she asked (under my jacket it still doesn't really show). She was pleased with what was under my jacket! Once she told me that the demo would be short and low-key - ie, she would move my body and correct me if needed - I agreed that I would take part. She warned me that it might be a bit overwhelming, as there are usually 100-150 people there, but for five minutes I can handle it (plus I don't need to talk, just follow orders). Kind of exciting.

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