Sunday, January 6, 2008


Here is a list of the things I have bought/done in the past three days.

Stuff I've bought:
- Assortment of storage containers/baskets for organizing closets
- Storage bag for Christmas wreath
- Cosmetic bag to hold all my mani-pedi supplies instead of them spilling all over the bathroom drawers
- Seagrass baskets for our coffee table
- Basket to hold our cloth napkins on the dining room table (because paper napkins are evil to the environment)
- Large bulletin board to hold all our photos so our fridge is no longer covered in them
- New smoke detector for upstairs
- Hanging closet organizer for front hall closet
- Placemats for dining room table
- Large storage bins for garage organization
- Blinds for kitchen windows, which have been naked for over 8 months

Still to buy:
- More cloth napkins
- New toilet (which has now been picked out and is cheaper than I'd thought, so yay)
- Flooring for upstairs bathroom

We've already organized the pantry, hutch, and kitchen cupboards, and soon we'll be doing the linen closet, front hall closet, and laundry room storage as well as the storage under the bathroom sinks (since neither bathroom has a medicine cabinet). In the midst of all our shopping and organizing and list-writing, Chris asked if this was possibly my nesting instinct kicking in. I had to laugh because throughout, I'd never even considered the possibility. In fact, I've had a few thoughts lately about nesting, usually something like, "Boy, I guess in a few months I'll be having that nesting thing! Won't that be crazy! Ha ha!"

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