Monday, January 21, 2008

Pregnant Lady in a Coat!

At first, I didn't look pregnant, just chubby. Then I started to look a little pregnant, but it only showed in certain clothes - for example, in SCA garb I didn't show at all. Now tables have turned and there are only a few items that can disguise The Belleh. I have been under the impression that the coat is one of them. However, now that I am looking at this picture, I am doubting it.

This is what I look like when I am walking to and from work, or when I'm out shopping or whatever. No strangers have ever touched my belly or asked the standard inappropriate questions, nor are cars any more likely to stop for me at crosswalks (did you know, drivers of Nanaimo, that crosswalk rules still apply even when it's snowing? It's true!). So I assumed that the coat was keeping things under wraps.

What do you think? If you saw me meandering down the street in this getup, would you know I was pregnant?


Anonymous said...

I would suspect it but not enough to ask or touch, although I rarely do either of those things unless I know the person really well.

Anonymous said...

Well, I already know you're pregnant. But if I didn't know, I'd probably look twice and decide, based on your posture, that you were probably pregnant. But I wouldn't say anything in case you were just chubby.


Anonymous said...

I'd have to see if you were waddling or not - pregnant women just have a certain wiggle to their walk....


OHmommy said...

Yes, pregnant! Have people started to touch your belly? :)


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