Sunday, June 1, 2008

Word Problems for the Modern Mom

(This is the stuff they *should* make you do at baby showers, instead of word scrambles for words like diaper, soother, and sleep.)

1. You have just changed your baby's diaper using a folding changetable in a public washroom. On the table in front of you are the baby, the dirty diaper, the diaper bag, and the changepad, which needs to go back in the diaper bag. You cannot leave the baby unattended and you cannot fold the changepad with one hand. How do you proceed? Use diagrams if necessary.

2. The experts say your baby needs 3 naps a day totalling 6-7 hours of sleep, and a total of 15-16 hours of sleep per 24 hours. How much nighttime sleep is your baby meant to get? Bonus question: Once you've determined the nap schedule, how do you teach your baby to stick to it? What naptime/sleep schedule would you propose for the baby? Show your work.

3. In order for both your baby and your breasts to be healthy and comfortable, it's important to spend equal time nursing on each side. At baby's last feeding, you nursed on the right side. This has the added bonus of ending with her in the correct position to slip easily into her cradle with her head at the end that is shown on the video monitor. At her next feeding, which side do you feed her on? Feeding her on the left means you either have to put her down at the non-video-monitored side, or perform a complex swoop-and-turn maneuver before putting her down, which might wake her up. If you feed on the right, her face will be in view of the video monitor, but your left breast will swell to twice the size of the right. What do you do? Explain your reasoning.
(Yesterday was a hellish day, but last night was pure awesome. We went through a whole bedtime routine, lulled Gwen into sleep, crept quietly out of the room, and five minutes later she woke up - but didn't fuss, and in fact put herself back to sleep a few minutes later. She spent the entire night in her cradle in her very own room, which is a first. I still had to get up for three nightly feeds, but they all lasted less than 20 minutes and ended with her going back to sleep easily. Please may all nights be like this?)

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