Sunday, June 1, 2008


So, you might be wondering - how does Gwen feel about baths?

Apparently she's going to stop hating them aaaaaany time now. (Tonight was bath #5, and the Hate is still Strong.)


Amberism said...

awww....I'm so sorry! She looks totally adorable in her misery though :).

Both my kids love the bath. Callum is in this phase right now where he thinks he hates the bath until he's IN the bath, but then he loves the bath.

I put a wet/warm face cloth on Claire's body while she's in there so she stays warm and the minute the cloth is on, she calms right down. I also found with both my kids that if their ears were submerged, they just chilled.

With Callum we did "Baby Spa" and he got the gold treatment, including a freshly warmed towel right out of the dryer. Spoiled boy.

Have you had Gwen in the tub with you, yet? Maybe she'd like it if Mommy was there, too?

Kat said...

That is unbelievably cute and funny.

Anonymous said...

I second the "take baby in the tub with you" comment....

Dunk her whole body in, leaving just her face exposed (see my facebook "babies I have caught" album) - in general they love that....and good for some quality skin to skin time too!!

Anonymous said...

Ella wasn't "into" the bath either at this age.
I would just take her in the shower with me and hold her in my arms against my body and wash her with a cloth, she loved it and still does. it seems really calming for her ( plus when first born it probably sounded familiar as well since I showered every day, our tub sucks.)


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