Monday, June 2, 2008

The sling, and nursing (again)

Whenever I take Gwen out in the sling I get a lot of comments and compliments on it, including, "Oh my goodness, you could just nurse her in that thing and no one would be the wiser!" And then I hear the old chestnut about the woman who goes about her grocery shopping while happily (and discreetly) nursing her contented baby in a sling. True in theory. But this woman must have a baby who doesn't lose her latch every 30 seconds, requiring Happy Discreet Woman to perform all kinds of bizarre acrobatics to get her re-latched around the confines of the sling. Do babies get better at staying on after 3 months, or is Gwen just an anomaly?

(I'm currently skimming (too sleep-deprived for real reading) The Baby Whisperer, who advises that if a baby pops off the breast, it means she's done eating. The Baby Whisperer has clearly never seen my little girl get hysterical with the rooting after she pops off.)

Anyway, if you think I talk too damn much about the nursing, please go read this post by my friend Amber which had me laughing out loud. It perfectly sums up a day in a new mom's life, and drives home the point that it doesn't really matter what you plan to do with your day or what kind of exotic location you plan to do it in, what you will really be doing with 90% of your waking time is nursing the baby. Maybe this is why new moms don't tend to leave the house all that much, because the scenery may change but the song remains the same!!


This afternoon shall be an exciting first: I am finally, finally, FINALLY, after talking about it for about 5 weeks, going to go get a well-deserved massage, leaving Chris with the baby and a 3-oz serving of pumped breastmilk. I am both excited and a little anxious, though I don't really know *why* I'm anxious, it just somehow seems like I should be. Hopefully the massage will counteract that nicely :-)


Amberism said...

I even nursed on the ferry. Both ways. ;)

There's no way I'd be able to nurse in the sling. I don't know how woman discreetly latch under a blanket. I need like 3 feet of space on either side of me, full view of the babe, and my clothes tucked away from my boob. This was true the entire time I nursed Callum, too.

yay to massages! Enjoy! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your massage!

OHmommy said...

Have a great time at your massage. What a lucky Mama!

Anonymous said...

I nurse Ella in the football hold so a sling wouldn't work for me. Ella needed help to re latch too, very frustrating but well with it in the end, I worked really hard at being able to nurse, so much so she won't even take a bottle, I guess that's good but I know I can't be gone too long only about 4 hours.... I have only started this
every monday from 11- 3:30.


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