Thursday, June 19, 2008

Formula again?

This morning's appointment with Lillian revealed that Gwen has gained a total of 3.5 ounces in three weeks. When Chris asked her what an average gain was at this age, she replied that it was about 4 ounces per week.

So yeah, it seems she's definitely inherited her dad's metabolism.

We are not panicking, because Gwen is showing all other signs of health: she is reaching her milestones (smiling, reaching for objects, interacting with us) and not screaming for food. Nor does she look gaunt or wasted. She is just a skinny girl. I joked with Chris that maybe she would grow up to be a supermodel, a thin and willowy creature that I utterly cannot relate to.

We are going to try giving her a feeding of formula once a day to see how she responds. It's interesting to see how my reaction to this has changed. In the beginning when formula was recommended, I wept and wailed and felt inadequate. Now I'm like, "hey, whatever she needs, and did you know that someone else could give her formula while I go take a nap?" Heh.

Also, since thrush updates are boring, a haiku:
Gwen's poor little bum.
Three weeks and no improvement.
Yes, I've quit sugar.

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Amberism said...

yeah, whenever we weighed Claire we joked about her 0.5 ounce gain a week. Same thing, she wasn't acting like a hungry baby, she's all pink and non-hungry looking so why worry. Too much. Because no matter how many people tell a Mommy not to worry, we just do, a little, anyway!

Here's hoping she takes to the formula just fine. A bottle here and there is actually quite freeing. And with Callum, we worked it so beautifully into our routine where it gave Steve some seriously good bonding time. We're slowly working the one-a-day bottle into Claire's day too now that I seem to have adequate milk. Still can't pump a darn thing, though. ~shrug~.


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