Sunday, February 17, 2008

Come on down ... YOU'RE the next contestant on The Price Is Right!

Well Bob, as you can see we have here the spoils of an entire day's shopping in the city by two excited parents-to-be. There's a CD & DVD set from 3D baby vision, a baby backpack from Mountain Equipment Co-op, a stack of prefold cloth diapers, and various other treasures, including some newborn-sized onesies because Mom insisted on being the first one to buy her newly-identified baby daughter something pink and adorable. While this showcase is not a complete representation of everything needed for the new arrival, it does represent a lot of fun stuff that is sure to be useful in the coming months and years.

Contestants, please make your bid on this showcase before we reveal the Actual Retail Price!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

$739.50 why I don't know but it feels like a good number to me:)


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