Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And the Actual Retail Price ...

And the Actual Retail Price is .... (envelope) ... $745!

The winner is .... our spoiled baby! And me, since I get to play with all this fun stuff. Also Nicole, since she made the only bid (and holy crap, it was a really good guess!).

By the way, the scrapbook is for this cool idea Chris and I came up with - we want to make a memory book of our lives before baby, as a gift to her. It will include lots of photos and memorabilia from our childhoods, our teen years, and our years together as a couple - wedding pictures, buying our house, etc. Every family does photo albums for when the baby's born and all the excitement that comes afterwards, but we wanted to create a souvenir of our years before that, so she will know where she came from and have a fun family history to look back on.

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