Friday, February 8, 2008

Farewell, Second Trimester

I realized with great surprise this morning that today is the last day of my second trimester. I can't quite believe it. Second trimester, I hardly knew ye.

Bidding the first trimester farewell and issuing in the second trimester was a time of great joy and relief. The risk of miscarriage decreases dramatically at that point, so many people (including myself) feel that they're not really pregnant until they cross that boundary. Plus, from the moment you get pregnant and people around you start asking how you feel, they also start telling you how wonderful the second trimester is. Maybe you'll even hear, like I did, about how some women would choose to be pregnant all their lives if they could just stay in that second trimester.

I don't think I would choose the second trimester of pregnancy over non-pregnancy as a long-term lifestyle choice. I miss having easy access to my feet (and my pubic hair, but I promise that's all I'm going to say about that). I miss having clothes that fit. I miss being able to sit down or get up from the couch without groaning or grunting. I miss being able to breathe deeply and sleep comfortably.

On the other hand, compared to the first trimester the second trimester was pretty awesome. There is nothing like feeling my baby move inside me, and I think I will miss that. I will miss the feeling of potentiality, the feeling that everything exciting is still ahead of me. I will miss the smiles and "How are you feeling?"s from acquaintances who usually don't acknowledge my presence. I will miss being able to eat whatever I want without guilt. And as much as it gets in my way sometimes, I will miss my sweet round belly. I've gotten quite fond of it.

Unlike transitioning from the first to the second, the change from the second to the third trimester is a bittersweet experience. Heading into the second trimester is a time of relief and optimism, as you are sure the most dreadful parts of the first trimester are now over. Heading into the third trimester, everything is unknown. Surely it won't be like the first trimester - but what will it be like? Will I get sick? Will my blood pressure skyrocket? Will the baby arrive before we're ready? Will I need bed rest? Will I have to stop work? The third trimester is the time of "All bets are off", as far as I can tell. Sure, I plan to continue working and having a social life and fulfilling all my commitments until about April 25th - but that could all change, could all be taken away, with little notice.

Still, I am not overly frightened or pessimistic. At the moment, at least, excitement still wins over fear. I acknowledge with gratitude and wistfullness the joy and specialness of the second trimester and toast its passing.

Highlights of the second trimester:
December 6: felt the baby move for the first time
December 8: belly "popped"
December 17: saw the baby on ultrasound
December 24: Chris felt the baby move
December 30: chose baby's name
January 1: off Diclectin
January 2: nesting begins
December 4 to January 10: went a whole 37 days without throwing up!

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